Why I wanted to start investing

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Stock markets, CFDs, forex, what does it all mean.

The idea of investing has been growing in my mind for a number years now, but knowing how and where to get started have been two reasons why I have taken so long to jump in. It seems every corner you turn there are horror stories left, right and centre.

Financial Growth

“I like many others dreamed of becoming rich over night, but the harsh reality is, that for most of us its near impossible.”

Are you a long term investor, or short term investor. While short term investments may provide a little instant gratification, longer term investments are more rewarding. For example lets say you invested £10,000 in dividend stocks with an anual dividend yield of 4.7%, in 12 months time your £10k would be worth £10,470, this might not seem like much but lets say you reinvest the dividend every year for ten years presuming the anual dividend payout is the same at 4.7% for the whole ten years, your £10k would then be worth £15,829.48, thats a profit of £5,829.48, which if you ask me is better than any savings account. Ps. The markets can go down as well as up so your capitol may be at risk.

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