Creating a website for my parents and what I’ve learned

Trust me working for family can be difficult at times

Ever wondered what it is like to be a web designer, the creativity, the zest of one’s true calling in life… Yeah

So I recently published a website for my parents new business venture. Having set up my own website/blog I found it both easy and frustrating at the same time, I had my own ideas and my parents had theirs, however, in the end, it turned out fine. Working for family members can be challenging at times, but I suppose if you can work for your family you can work for anyone.

There was more to it than I realised

I had to buy a photo booth to take professional Photo’s of their products. (I already had a good camera)

I knew we needed plenty of images to make the site look engaging and interesting, which is why I honestly believe the photo booth I purchased from Amazon was a necessity and one of the best products I’ve invested in this year so far, I’m sure it’ll have its uses in years to come. Here is a link to the booth I purchased

We also felt that we needed a nice background image, or header image to captivate our audience hence the reason for the landscape image at the top of the home page. If you’re not from Yorkshire or even England, the Yorkshire Wolds is a beautiful area of England, with rolling hills and valleys in every direction. It just so happens we live on the Yorkshire Wolds which should explain the business name and branding.

What have I learned

Here are a few things I have learned on this new creative venture.

  • Patience is key to a successful design
  • Listening to what other people want can have its upsides (and downsides)
  • How to take semi-professional photos
  • How to utilise WordPress blocks
  • I like being creative (something I normally struggle with)

If you would like to visit the website in question please follow the link below.

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