Why learning new skills makes you a happier person

You only stop learning when you’re dead!

I have to learn something new every once in a while to keep myself sane

Im not the only person that feels this way! Am I, surely not, surely everyone likes learning.

Is it just me or does life get boring without the lust for knowledge, It’s not like I was fond of school but as I get deeper into my 20’s, I feel as though learning is my number one pass time. Whether it be scientific videos on youtube or blog posts about digital marketing, I just don’t seem to be able to stop soaking up and processing new information.

My favourite learning platform (Online learning)

What’s your favourite learning platform?

Mine is Udemy, over the last few years I have been using Udemy to learn new skills such as, web development and digital marketing to name a few. There are thousands of courses to choose from and most of them give you skills you can transfer to a new job, or that business idea you’ve had for a few years. They also award you with a 100% completion certificate, which may come in handy on your next job interview.

That being said Youtube is also at the top of my list, although the platform itself is saturated with content in every niche, subject and topic, it can prove difficult finding genuinely useful content. On a whole it is an excellent resource for learning materials and information, but be intelligent with whom you invest your time in.


Books are a key component of learning, if not one of the best ways to learn.

I have read books about the special forces, astrophysics, business and so on. It doesn’t matter what genre you are interested in, all nonfiction books share the same outcome, upon finishing a book you become enlightened.

I recently purchased a book about copywriting, The Copywriters Handbook, which is a step by step guide to copywriting. The fourth edition is thoroughly revised and includes essential information on copywriting in the digital age, something I have a growing interest in.

If you want to learn copywriting or gain more experience in the field I would recommend giving this book a try, its full of expert advice and tips. Click on the image for more information and buying options.

So why does all this make you happier, especially during COVID-19

Let’s just think, if you are currently at home due to lockdown, you may have more time on your hands, you could use this time wisely and invest in educating yourself in new industries or new hobbies.

Whatever your interest this time at home may provide you with the opportunity to gain knowledge in areas you were previously interested in, but maybe didn’t have the spare time to invest into it.

Take my parents for example who have started a new hobby, that soon turned into a business making candles, they have spent weeks learning about the different processes involved and gain valuable experience through trial and error, see my post Creating a website for my parents and what I’ve learned.

How could this make you happier?

Sometimes the pressures of everyday life and work can become exhausting and weigh you down, by pursuing new ventures and ideas you can maintain a fresh outlook on life and maybe even get one step closer to fulfilling your dreams and ambitions, that and being engaged in something new can take your attention away from stressful situations.

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