Top 5 self-improvement goals 2020

self improvement goals 2020

Improve your life in 2020 with these 5 goals

Although COVID -19 has thrown a spanner in the works, 2020 could still be a prosperous year.

Improving your life in 2020 may seem impossible due to the current global pandemic, but there is no reason why you cannot set goals to help you in the future. Self-improvement doesn’t have to be expensive and can be done completely free although there are advantages to following step by step programs and reading well versed personal development books.

Self-improvement goals 2020

1. Create better habits

Whether it be going to bed early to get a good nights sleep or eating healthier, the benefits of creating better habits speak for themselves. You could try managing your money better, something I’m sure many will have had no choice but to do anyway in light of this years problems, but learning to manage money better could ease some financial strain and create a less stressful environment for you and your family.

Contrary to getting a good nights sleep getting up early can have a huge impact on your productivity and your mental health, and let’s not forget that some of the richest high-performance people in the world get up early and can achieve more between the hours of 6am and 11am than most people achieve in a full day, something to bear in mind if you’re wanting to start a business or become successful in life.


Aim to wake up an hour earlier than usual for a few days or weeks and try to manage your finances better, maybe the next time you see that shiny new watch or that new 60inch plasma ask yourself, do you really need it, I know its easy to say but impulse buying will not help any financial situation and will make managing your money a whole lot harder.

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2. Read more

Reading more is one of the more obvious yet less talked about goals, but is essential to improve some parts of your life. It can become more of a hobby than a chore and does wonders for your mental health and enlightenment.

Keep it simple and easy, try to read at least one book a month in the genre you like the most.

Reading can also allow for some you time, sit back relax make a cup of tea and read.

3. Spend a few minutes a day reflecting on your achievements

You may not feel like you have achieved much today or this week so far, but being aware of your achievements no matter how big or small can be an advantage.

Did you learn something new this week, if so how have you benefited and how has it improved your life or understanding of the world? Have you been 1% more successful today than you were yesterday?

Reflecting on your achievements can help you in many ways such as understanding your flaws and areas of your life where you may need to improve, give you a better understanding of your relationships, find your weaknesses and even just becoming aware of issues that you maybe never considered to be harming or problematic.


Don’t doubt yourself, I guarantee no matter how much you want to disagree you have had many achievements this week.

4. Learn something new

Learn something new, no seriously anything.

Spend your time wisely, learning something new can be anything from learning how to make candles to knitting and everything in between, set goals on what you want to have learned by the end of the week or month, do you have a website? if so try learning about digital marketing. Do you have a business that needs advertising? learn copywriting.

The list goes on, it doesn’t matter what you learn just be sure whatever it is you choose to pursue that it adds value to your life in some way, or can add value to someone else’s life. Use what you learn to enrich your personality and share your new-found knowledge with others

So go ahead learn something new and develop not only skills but your personality also. You’d be surprised how much can be gained from new pursuits, self-improvement can be as simple as gaining new-found knowledge.

Top Tip

Use what you learn to educate others, be a teacher all throughout your life and inspire others to become better versions of themselves.

5. Start a new diet

There are all kinds of new diets out there and finding one that’s going to work for you can be challenging, but in truth it doesn’t matter what diet you choose, sticking to it is what makes the difference.

There’s the Keto diet the paleo diet the low carb diet so on and so on, but the most important thing to remember is to find a diet you can stick to and be consistent with, its no good picking a diet that doesn’t suit your lifestyle, then again a lifestyle change is in order to feel the real benefits of a new diet.

Don’t think it’s hard to follow goals or set them, someone has already done the hard work for you, and yes I know some of these Step-by-step programs come with a price but following a guide or program that’s already there for you can give you a major advantage and motivate you to continue.

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